Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I register on the website? How do I sign up?

    From the Login screen select which type of registration you need from the upper left side of the screen. The employee will need to register as a member, dependent spouse and children as dependents, and provider as as provider.

  • Where do you find the Coordination of Benefits(COB) and/or Third Party Liability(TPL) letters?

    Click on the Resources tab at the top of the webpage which will take you to Forms. Select Other Forms to find the COB and TPL letters. There are two links, one to print the PDF so you can fill it out and send it in, and the other to pull it up, fill it out, and submit it online.

  • Where do you find the California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA) form?

    Click on Privacy Policy in the website footer at the bottom of the website pages. From the Privacy and Compliance page click on the California Consumer Privacy Act(CCPA) or CCPA Form tab on the middle of the page. Once the form comes up fill it out and click submit at the bottom of the form to send it off to the Privacy and Compliance team.

  • How do you suppress Explanation of Benefits(EOBs) to go paperless?

    Sign onto your account. Click on View My Claims. It will show if the account is set up to receive paper or electronic EOBs. Click on “Update Your EOB Mailing Preferences”. Select paper or online only, accept the terms and conditions, and click submit. To change it back just go through the steps again and select your preference.

  • How do I reset my password?

    Once you are signed on go into View My Account from the Member or Provider Portal area and enter a new password into the two fields provided and submit.

  • What if I forget my password?

    From the Login screen click on “Forgot Your Password?”. It will ask for your name and email address. If this information matches what you set up and there are not multiple accounts set up from previous versions of the website you will be taken to the security question. The security you selected will show and you need to type in and submit your answer. If it is correct an email will be sent to you with an auto generated password and your user name in the greeting(Dear [user name}).