Delta Health Systems supports brokers in their ability to help clients control costs and manage their self-funded health plans. We take the burden out of administration with our dedicated account professionals, innovative technology and superior customer service.

In addition, Delta Health Systems is independently owned – we are not affiliated with hospitals, physicians, HMOs or insurance companies. Our independence ensures that you receive impartial information and that our focus is to meet the objectives established by your client.

our total package includes:

  • Dedicated client service managers and executives that attend employee enrollment meetings and provide quarterly plan performance reports (or as necessary)
  • Ease to submit an RFP - with quick turnaround times
  • Partnerships with a variety of healthcare networks, including Anthem Blue Cross, Blue Shield of California, and Cigna
  • Flexibility to work with outside vendors to meet the needs of the client
  • Numerous PBM relationships (including Caremark, Express Scripts, US Scripts, WellDyneRx and many others)
  • Rigorous training and performance standards for customer service representatives and claims processors
  • Proven wellness and disease management programs
  • Access to Delta Analytics (with client approval) - a robust, analytical reporting tool
  • Experience with consumer-directed health plans
  • Consulting and development of communication materials

as a registered broker you can:

  • Submit an RFP
  • Access Delta Analytics
  • Access Marketing Material
  • View SPD/Communication Services

For direct access to Delta Analytics, if you are currently registered. If you are not registered for access, contact your assigned client services manager or executive.

Delta Fund

Delta Fund Administrators (DFA) is the multiemployer and governmental plan account management company of Delta Health Systems. Formed in 2011, DFA is responsible for the strategic management and overall direction of the operations, contract administration, and financial management of each Plan/Fund ensuring consistency with the overall mission, goals and strategic objectives of the various Boards.

Delta Fund Administrators understands the unique needs and significant time required to provide account management to a multiemployer or governmental plan. The DFA service model combines people and systems. By assigning a team of people experienced in Trusteed plan administration focusing on the unique needs of these plans, Delta is creating the personal touch required in these relationships. Our account management expertise is then paired with the power of Delta Health System’s technology to bring you and your client unparalleled service and plan design functionality.

For more information please contact:

Kim Brown
Vice President
(209) 940-5118

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